RIKUTEC Packaging 
RIKUTEC Germany GmbH & Co. KG


Gründungsjahr: 1986

Geschäftsführer: Bodo Richter, Dorian Richter


Europe & Asia

Klaus-Peter Schneider
Head of Sales Packaging / D.A.CH & Asia
T +49 2681 9546-18
M +49 151 148 322 89

Robin Seeger
Business Development Manager Packaging
T +49 2681 9546-731
M +49 151 148 322 82 


Staff: 250

Distribution channels: Direct sales and/or packaging retailer

Performance Spectrum:

Industrial Packaging, and large storage tanks which our customers utilize for various applications where high purity standards are essential.
The development of these products is a result of our innovation and expertise.
With its system solutions (Poly IBC and drum), RIKUTEC covers a wide range of applications in the most diverse industries.
The high-purity materials used in our co-extrusion blow-molding process and the absence of metals of any kind - guarantee the highest possible degree for specific handling in the respective industry.
Low to high-viscosity media are stored and transported hygienically and in a manner appropriate to the application with maximum safety. As a reliable partner of companies in the chemical, petrochemical, application with maximum safety.
As a reliable partner of companies in the chemical, petrochemical, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical industries, we are aware of our special responsibility. 

Main products:

Poly-IBC, UC drums, in both conductive and non-conductive versions 

New and standard product range:

1000 liter full plastic Poly IBC with UN certificate: produced using the stretch molding technology, comprising of a 3-layer outside box. The inner tank is made by using blow molding co-extrusion double layer technology and is suitable for dangerous liquids of packaging group II and III, classifications: 3, 5.1, 5.2, 6.1, 6.2, 8, and 9.
We also produce, under clean environment conditions, 200 liter UC drums out of both pure HDPE and a conductive polymer. Both barrels are UN-certified. 

Special Features:

The IBC’s are approved for 70% nitric and 60% hydrofluoric acids and have passed the Standard Test Method for Random Vibration Testing of Shipping Containers for Poly IBCs (ASTM D4728-95). Production is made under clean room conditions. Our products are approved for the QC dispense system. Highest safety standard with secondary containment.

The storage approval for Poly IBC GR 1000 is issued from the DIBT, Berlin. 


In-house development and production of high standard plastic packagings and other varying blow molded articles for industrial use according to your requirements.  

New products:

  • Poly IBC UC 2.0 for packaging group II 


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